BAVFC Activity History
5th1050 PI Rescue/Bel Air Bypass & Rt.24 off ramp/head-on/removed roof & door/Priority 1 to Bayview/heavy snow falling/B.Snyder acting
5th1050 PI Rescue/400 S.Fountain Green Rd/3 ambos/191 also/S.Panowitz acting
15th1050 PI Rescue/Watertower Way near Granary Rd/UPS Truck and auto/driver stuck/R.Eyre acting
19thDwelling Fire/29 Bonnie Ave/fire in garage/E411 also/S.Panowitz acting
28th1050 PI/Main St & Penn Ave/M393 involved in 1050/B.Snyder acting
10th1050 PI Rescue/Bel Air Bypass near Rt.24 light/fatal/heavy extrication – took roof & door/J.Krebs acting
18thBlizzard Calls – numerous roof collapses & wire calls
22ndSnow melt calls
2ndDwelling Fire/124 Archer St/2nd floor bedroom & hallway well involved on arrival/good stop/300 gal/E411 also/$30,000 damage/T.Schaech acting
15thMutual Aid Building Fire/3502 Hughes Rd – Box 997 - Conestoga Woods/fire in silo/T331 open up roof area/at scene for 4 hours/S.Panowitz acting
17th1050 PI Rescue/1200 blk Churchville Rd/took roof & door off/head-on/flyout/T.Schaech acting
19thMutual Aid Dwelling Fire/2335 Laurel Bush Rd – Box 409/fire in walls started by painters/had to open walls/fire damage small/E311 1st in/Co.4,3,8 at scene/B.Snyder acting
20thMutual Aid Dwelling/1606 Shucks Rd – Box 414/fully involved trailer home on arrival/2 fatals/E314 & E312 1st two engines on scene/T.Schaech acting
24thMutual Aid Apartment Fire/769 Shallow Ridge Ct – Box 403/deck fire spread to three attics/well involved on Co.8 engine arrival/Co.3 two engines when box filled/T331 on 2nd alarm/Co.4,8,3,2,13 at scene/T.Schaech acting
27th1050 PI Rescue/700 blk Vale Rd/caravan head-on into tree/used spreaders/two medivacs/T.Schaech actingMel Kulis answers 15,000th Fire Call.
15thBuilding Fire/517 S. Fountain Green Rd – Fountain Green Elem/tractor on fire in building/came in as automatic alarm/$6,000 damage/B.Snyder acting
17thMutual Aid Building/2002 Harford Rd – Box 1302/shed on the ground on arrival – intentionally burned/E311 1st in/left to burn/R.Eyre acting
17thDwelling Fire/714 W. MacPhail Rd/side 1 well involved on arrival/mostly contained to exteior of house/$30,000 damage/arson/T.Schaech acting
18thMutual Aid Dwelling/3303 Deer Hill Rd – Box 728/attic well involved/2 alarms/E315 1st in/Co.3 3E & T on scene/Co.7,3,6,10,YC57 on scene/R.Eyre acting
2ndMutual Aid Apartment Fire/103 Plaza Circle – Box 216/3 alarm garden apartment/2nd & 3rd floor & attic involved/Co.3 2 engines at scene/Co.2,5,12A,1,3,4,CC7 at scene/B.Snyder acting
7thMutual Aid Building Fire/311 W.Wheel Rd – Box 412/E311 1st in on a fully involved 200’ x 50’ barn/protected exposures/B.Snyder acting
9thMutual Aid 1050 PI Rescue/I-95 SB at Rt.24 off ramp – Box 495-77/one car off roadway in waterfilled revine/R351 & E311 at scene/used multiple tools off R351/Co.4&Co.8 also/B.Snyder acting
15th1050 PI Rescue/Prospect Mill & Rt.543/2 priority 1’s taken via 2 medivacs/removed roof & 2 doors to extricate/pick-up rear-ended small car/B.Snyder acting
16th1050 PI Rescue/300 blk N. Tollgate Rd/car into tree/1 female extensively trapped/removed roof and cut a-frame to remove/taken via medivac as priority 1/raining/B.Snyder acting
18thDwelling Fire/1331 S.Dahlia Ct/auto fire in attached garage/fire contained to auto/extensive smoke throughout dwelling/$4,000 damage/B.Snyder acting
20thDwelling Fire/1405 Bee Tree Ct/auto fire in attached carport/extensive damage to garage area/fire stopped before entering house/E1311 1st in – Co.3 units on another call in FH/$25,000 damage/T.Schaech acting
23rd1050 PI Rescue/Bel Air Bypass near Rock Spring/single car off road into water filled ravine/used most cribbing & air shores & come-along/Pri 2 to UCMC/B.Snyder acting
16th1050 PI Bicycle/410 E.Jarrettsville Rd/car struck child on bike/G.Kadolph acting
21stDwelling Fire/109 Victory Ln/2-story semi-detached home gymnasium struck by lightning/well involved on arrival/damaged two other dwellings/2 alarms/good stop/ Co.3,4,13,8 at scene also/$200,000 damage/numerous other calls in district during this time also/ T.Schaech acting
21stMutual Aid Dwelling Fire/Holman Dr – Box 407/house well involved/E311 & E215 picked up when box was filled/Co.8 & Co.4 at scene also/T.Schaech acting
30thDwelling Fire/2614 Rocks Road/fire in two 2nd floor bedrooms, hallway, and attic/Co.7 2E also/$35,000 damage/hot day/T.Schaech actingTom Fry answers 5,000th Fire Call.
8th1050 PI Rescue/400 blk E. MacPhail Rd/one trapped from t-bone type collision/removed roof and entire driverside area/semi-conscious male was a fly-out/B.Snyder acting
24thBuilding Fire/696 Bel Air Rd –Harford Mall/sign and wall on fire at Old Navy entrance/2 alarms was requested due to information given to Ch 3/Co.3 4E & 2 trucks, Co.4 1E.Schaech acting
27thMutual Aid Dwelling Fire/2423 Laurel Bush Rd – Box 409/contractors started fire in walls/damage on two floors/Co.4,3,8 at scene/Co.3 2E when box was filled/J.Krebs acting
31st1050 PI Rescue/2700 blk Rocks Rd/t-bone collision with two roll-overs/1 to UCMC – 1 to Trauma/ R.Eyre actingEd Winn answers 5,000th Fire Call.
4thApartment Fire/951 Pentwood Rd/lightning strike started 1st floor bedroom fire/slight wall damage to 4 other units/$5,000 damage/Co.3 units only at scene/T. Schaech acting
8thMutual Aid Rescue/Pulaski Hgwy near Rt.543 off-ramp – Box 420/trench type rescue/Co.3 1E assited with rescue equipment placement/Co.4,2,8,3,BC17 at the scene/B.Snyder acting
12thMutual Aid Building Fire/106 Laurel Woods Ct- Box 409/shed fire well involved on arrival/R351 & E313 1st two engines at scene/At scene for 45 min/T.Schaech acting
24thPlane Crash/Rear of 2320 Rock Spring Rd/privately owner military jet struck 2nd floor of house and exploded on ground impact/1 fatal/numerous out buildings on fire/foam used to extinguish/Co.3 handled with 6 engines & truck/Damage est. $800,000/B.Snyder acting
29thMutual Aid Building Fire/2807 Mountain Rd – St.Mary’s Church – Box 841/lightning struck roof; igniting roof, cupola, and steeple/E312 picked up when box was filled – did roof work/Co.8,13,4,BC48,3 present/B.Snyder acting (See picture – Lt.Cox on roof)
17th1050 PI Rescue/Rt.23 & Grafton Shop Rd/t-bone type collision/2 fatals/minor extrication/B.Snyder acting
18thHurricane Isabel calls/approx 100 wire & tree on house calls
19thHurricane Isabel calls/approx 100 wire & tree on house calls
26th1050 PI Rescue/300 blk E.Jarrettsville Rd/1 car overturned – 1 male subject trapped/stabilized car with winch and shores/used HRT cutters to remove soft top/medivac at scene/B.Snyder actingSteve Cox answers 10,000th Fire Call
7thApartment Fire/150 Royal Oak Dr/alerted with rescue – no rescue/3rd floor bedroom fire/Co.3,4,8 present/$25,000 damage/R.Davis acting
23rdDwelling Fire/321 E. Broadway/kitchen fire/damage held to kitchen area/Co.3 units only – 3E & T/$5,000 damage/B.Snyder acting
25th1050 PI Rescue/Hickory Bypass & Rt.543/dump truck vs jeep/1 priority 1 fly-out/R.Eyre acting
26thDwelling Fire/320 Bynum Ridge Rd/fire in rear living room & crawl space/$4,500 damage/Co.3 units only – 4E & T/B.Snyder acting
26th1050 PI Rescue/Ring Factory & S. Tollgate Rd/1 severely trapped/2 fly-outs – 1 to #224 in trauma arrest/removed roof & pushed dash/B.Snyder acting
27th1050 PI Rescue/1200 blk Shucks Rd/2 to trauma center by land due to heavy rain/1 male subject severely trapped w. severe leg trauma/removed roof, pushed dash to free legs/T.Schaech acting
11thDwelling Fire/100 South Atwood Rd/heavy fire showing on arrival on side 4/Co.3 4E & T at scene/Co.4 1 engine for RIT/$80,000 damage/T.Schaech acting
14th1050 PI Rescue/800 blk Bel Air Rd/pick-up truck over turned/subject trapped under steering wheel/stabilized truck and removed windshield/1 subject fly-out/1 to #224/R. Davis acting
16th1050 PI Rescue/Briarhill Dr & Todd Rd/1 female trapped in passenger side of car/door-pop & seat moved for patient removal/S.Panowitz acting
7thBuilding Fire/Deer Creek Church & Walters Mill/grain elevator exploded/considerable damage but only spot fires throughout still burning on E315’s arrival/$10,000 damage/E914 also/T.Schaech acting
7thMutual Aid Building Fire/3702 Wilson Rd – Box 930/barn fully involved on arrival/Co.3 2E at scene/co.9,6,3,1,YC57 at scene/S.Panowitz acting
8thMutual Aid Building Fire/Chase Manor Motel – Rt.40 – Box 406/1 unit and attic involved/very icy scene/E311’s crew assisted in overhaul/Co.4,8,12E,2,3 at scene/B.Snyder acting